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Just like her name, she is rare & definitely one of a kind. she always has a little attitude and will roast on you about little mistakes but she will always reassure you that she is joking and that you matter in this world. She has friends in high & low places & will never run out. careful with how you treat her cause she always has a crew ready to go to town for her without her consent; with that said, she's loved by almost all. loud mouthed, most beautiful when her lips are sealed & smiling. has a beautiful sense of style akin to who she is, never apologetic in how she feels, & is never afraid to express an opinion. many guys are intimidated by her looks, intelligence & witt. all in all she's a gorgeous little ball of fun & cute with the stubborness of an ass & the temperament of a honey badger. She's always usually first in mind when it comes to parties or just hanging out in general. knows how to get people out of slumps & will forever leave a mark in your soul
'hey man i heard sarah & tara are really into you, why not give them a shot? you've been waiting on Danitza to come around for years.'

'Those other girls aren't her. when you see Danitza the way i do, there's no looking at another woman the same way.
she's everything a good man could ever want. it'll be worth the wait.
by CRC1134 December 05, 2016
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A very pretty girl, shy at first but once you get to meet her she's a very funny girl athletic and usually tall loves Taco Bell usually meal deal number 4 she is a great friend to have. She has a nice body, and usually has her belly button pierced, she most of the times plays soccer and has a bestfriend that starts with the letter H.
Did you see how pretty that girl was.
Yeah she must be a danitza
by Girlfriend777 February 04, 2015
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