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Usually a pretty cool chick, down to earth, tries to think outside the box. Contrary to popular belief, Danita, the name, does not belong to a specific race, but has been given to people of all shape, size and color. Loving, understanding and empathetic could all be descriptors of this person. Short fuse, vengeful and smartass could also describe this person.
Danita is a pretty cool chick but watch out for that temper!
by d' February 04, 2010
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A name that sounds black but is usually given to a smaller blonde person. Unlike most blonde's, Danita's are witty and can talk for hours while keeping you interested. They are extremey cool and fun, especially to drink with. Anyone who's anyone loves a Danita.
friend #1: We need to find something fun to do.

friend #2: Have you tried calling Danita?

friend #1: Of course I've tried Danita! She's not picking up.
by pennythecat March 13, 2010
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