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Daniah is a cute and considerate sweetheart that doesn’t realize how amazing she is . Daniah is going to make you feel good about yourself and call you out on your nonsense . She’ll be there for you all the time and care about you . Daniah is the best conversation starter on the planet . Daniah is going to talk to you about deep things like environmental protests , make fun of you, embarrass herself singing karaoke and have late night conversations telling you how much she’s craving chocolate . Thank your lucky stars if you know a Daniah because she’s one of the best people you’ll ever know . Total weirdo in the best way possible and a person everyone wishes they had in life .
Daniah is the best friend a person can possibly wish for .
by Anonymous nerd August 30, 2019
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it is a beautiful arabian word that means (close to the heart) or(the fruits in heaven that are so close to you that u can pick them while sitting down) very smart female that is a kind person at heart
i met a girl called daniah,she's a nice person
by truth_teller ;) June 19, 2010
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She’s a giggly lil bitch. Who loves her mother the most more than her ginger father. Can bus it down harder than thotiana ever could
by Anonymousbitch125 April 08, 2019
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She’s the girl you meet in a group chat.
She’s cool and can open pineapples.
Hallie: I bought a pineapple.

(Daniah goes to Walmart and buys two)

Daniah: I bought two pineapples.
by Whatwhat31 April 08, 2019
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