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A word, that unlike most urban dictionary words, isn't gross or perverted, that basically means whatever you want it to mean. It can literally mean a wide variety of things, but most of the time is used in place of the word "awesome".
That ride was pretty dangous! (in the form of Awesome).

Let's go to Dangous! (In the place of a city, or something).

C'mon Bra, why do you have to be so dangous? (rad)
by Dr@gon_hUnT€r29473 March 23, 2011
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An act that's somewhat risky, but not quite dangerous.
"You're leaving at 4:45 to DVR the republican debate at 5? That's dangous."

"That's a real shark! That's dangous."
by lostinthemasses December 27, 2015
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