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The flaxen coils of hair hanging off the heads of young Jewish boys; often melded in with the side burns, not to be confused with mutton chops. Since the Jewish religion rejects the idea of gravity, young boys are told employ these devices in order to stay grounded.
Citation from a popular rap song by the Diddly Doo-Wops entitled "Cowboy Hats and Dangly-Doos" addressing this subject:

"Well, I know some guys who don't believe in gravity
Because they're of the Jewish ethnicity
They're all about religion and currency
Every Saturday they worship His Majesty

Dangly-Doos, weighin' them down
Dangly-Doos, keep my Jew friends around

Circumcision is the custom at a very young age
Mentioning Christ's name sends them into a rage
The father is expected to be stingy and sage
The mother shows them courtesy and how to behave

Some may think these melodies are prejudice
But they don't understand "The Danglyness""
by Diddly Doo-Wop102 February 06, 2009
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