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Pronounced "DANG-LAHR." A form of driving, in a front wheel drive vehicle, where you ride around with the emergency brake on while driving on a dirt road. With the back wheels dragging, you will be able to whip the rear end of the car around back and forth while still making forward progress. This professional driving manuver is called a "danglar." This name was made famous by "Officer Dangle" from Reno 911.
"Dude, you did a hella danglar back there!"

"Oh man, I just danglared into a tree!"

"The cops pulled me over for doing a danglar."
by Nick Leonard January 04, 2008
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A ginger from a beaver dam who is a dungeon master of D & D.
He also likes men alot. He also looks alot like john candy and is going to get some brown sugar this weekend.
He is a huge fan of brown sugar MILF and is called danglar. He is also a master debator of whacking it. He is simply a modern wonder.
by Jack Mineoff December 05, 2007
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