In the movie Fast and the Furious, Brian (Paul Walker) races a FWD Eclipse rice car in a quarter mile drag, and in his haste to beat Dominic (Vin Diesel), used too much NOS and the laptop computer managing his engine told him an there was an imminent danger to his manifold. The metal floorboard for the passenger seat comes lose and flies off his car, somehow linking his manifold and his floorboard as being an integral part of his street racing machine.

Computer: Stage 1 Complete
Paul: <presses Stage 1 NOS button>
Computer: (beeping) Danger to Manifold!
Paul: "Shut up!" <slams shut laptop lid and presses Stage 2 NOS button>

This phrase can be used to describe anything that is bad and you want to reference the movie to make the situation funny.
Person 1: Hey dude, look how ugly that chick is!

by RRCsteve November 12, 2007