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(noun) "A perilous journey of over 20 miles in an untested vehicle in which the likelihood of loss of life, explosion, or, incarceration is higher than the expectation of safe arrival at the destination of said journey. The likelihood of mechanical failure alone does not constitute a danger ride unless the mechanical failure would certainly place the 'danger driver' where the aforementioned risks apply. The danger ride is often a moniker awarded posthumously."
I just got my learning permit and my dad is out of town, do you want to take his 1956 Porsche Speedster to a strip club in Austin? Hell yeah, I'll take a danger ride.
by Artemis Killpatrick January 29, 2017
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To sleep with a girl unprotected who's sexual health is cause for concern due to the prolific nature of her sexual conquests.
"Stay away from her lads, she's been around. Total Danger ride"
by oodle-noodle September 26, 2012
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