To masturbate (female masturbation)

A play on words of the circular movements when stimulating the clitoral region

(Reference to Lady Gaga's Track of the same name on her album Joanne)
"Kevin wasn't in the mood so I decided to dance in circles"

"Hey you want to go dancing in circles with me?"
by whatevawhatever February 27, 2018
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A gayer form of a mosh pit. Usually made up of girls ranging from pre-teen to 15. Also young homosexual boys and pedophiles.
Shea - "I was totally at this show last night and we started up this awesome dance circle to this great band called The Secret Handshake and some guy name Luis!

Erin - " Please tell me that's not a gayer version of a mosh pit...."
by Anti-Dance Circle July 13, 2010
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