Any establishment in which music is played and dancing is likely to occur, such as a bar, nightclub, or strip joint.

The word 'Dancerie' is often used in conjunction with hateration or holleration. Each of these three words were introduced by Mary J. Blige in the song Family Affair.

Popular lexicon extends the word's usage to include general locations not necessarily associated with dancing, such as your home, work, or favorite hangout.

It's getting really crowded in this dancerie.

Does that dancerie have a cover?

I don't like that dancerie; there's too much holleration.

Drinks are really expensive in this dancerie.

Friday is always double coupon day in this dancerie.

I don't get to leave this dancerie until 5:30.

I think I left my keys at back at your dancerie.

My dancerie or yours?

We only accept Visa and Mastercard in this dancerie.
by Oh, That Bitch January 28, 2009
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A brilliant, earth-shattering word that Mary J. Blige invented to accentuate the rhyme-scheme of a masterful song, placing her among the accolades as the Shakespeare of our age.
"Do you want to go to the dancery? "
"Hell yeah, there's no hateration or holleratin' there."
by shakespeare1564 November 18, 2016
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This word was made popular by Mary J. Blige in her song Family Affair. However, it ends up that's not what she's saying. The correct lyric is "Dance Soiree". A "soiree" is an evening party or gathering typically held in a private home. I suppose that does make a little more sense than dancery.
Everyone was surprised to learn that the song lyric is actually "Dance soiree", not "dancery".
by Ilovenaps September 1, 2019
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A ludicous word that Mary J. Blige invented to poorly fit the rhyme-scheme of a mediocre song.

Means: dance club, night club, or ghetto bar.
"Let's get it crunk come on and
have fun upon up In this dancery
We got ya'll open, now ya floatin'
So you gots to dance for me
Don't need no hateration, holleration
In this dancery
Let's get it perculatin' while you're waiting
So just dance for me"

obviously dancery is not the only word Mary made up.
by chris-"topher" April 7, 2003
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