The in between dance when bangtan performing no more dream at concert, mic drop and fire at mama and also i need you at melon.
"Bts's dance break will go beyond your expectation!!"
"Jhope leading the dance break at the center is what i signed up this fandom for!"
"Bts feeling theirselves while doing the dance break is literally the death of me"
by min sijin December 01, 2017
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Similar to dancerbate, a naked dance break is about self-gratification and should be experienced alone. The theory behind a naked dance break is to dance wildly in the nude without thought to aesthetics for as long as it takes to make one feel better. Bed-jumping is recommended. Some examples of good songs to dance naked to:

It's My Life-- Bon Jovi
Footloose-- Kenny Loggins
The Happy Birthday Song-- The Beatles
Jesse's Girl-- Rick Springfield
Hit Me With Your Best Shot-- Pat Benatar
The Tide Is High-- Blondie
I'm A Bitch-- Alanis Morissette
I Want You To Want Me-- Letters 2 Cleo
Cruel To Be Kind-- Letters 2 Cleo
God, I had such a long day. I'm going to go take a quick naked dance break, and then I'll help you move the couch.
by Xnguela October 25, 2007
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"In 1975 on a hot summer July, while Up Rocking with some members of TBB Graffiti Artists a simple Up Rocking move turned into a falling mistake by a kid named TE-TE Rock (not the later TE-TE Rock) who fell to the ground and made a swift move that changed the Up Rocking dance art throughout the world. This dance art became known as Break Dancing since we jokingly called it breaking your ass on the concrete. But the better name for it is actually "Rocking" since it originated from Up Rock to start with." Written by Batch TBB
Break dancing is the modern commercial term for Rocking and not all Break dancers are Bboys.
by ShadowStepz August 18, 2011
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First Person: Dude, I think that guy is having a seizure.
Second Person: No, man, he's just break dancing.
by GlueGoneWild April 06, 2005
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The dance you do when you drop and break something.
*Drops glass*
*Break Dance*
by DrewpDog7 February 04, 2012
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A fo-sport for those who are not necessarily out of shape, but lack skills for other sports. Because it is a fo-sport, those who are capable at it do not consider themselves "jocks" rather rebels. Indeed, these people are rebels without a cause, and most of them in turn will fail at life.
Person 1: Man, Johnny wasn't looked really athletic, but he got cut from Basketball, Football, AND Baseball!

Person 2: I know. I heard he felt so bad, he got into Break Dancing.

Person 1: So that's why he think's he so cool!
by a someewhat smart guy June 20, 2009
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A thick old twat who performed a geriatric break-dance on Britain's Got Talent whilst claiming benefits for being disabled.
Does the old dickhead think that the benefits people don't watch television?

But its Break-Dancing Fred! He's a poor old man and should be allowed to cheat the benefits system!
by Flappy Dickwad May 28, 2009
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