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The term appeared after the South Korean historical drama 'Painter of the Wind' released. It refer to the female couple Shin Yoon Bok (Moon Geun Young) and Jeong Hyang (Moon Chae Won). Shin Yoon Bok was a talented female artist, in order to search for her family's murderer, she disguised herself as a boy to enter Dohwaseo - the Academy of Painting. Then she met a gisaeng named Jeong Hyang, she took care of Yoon Bok a lot. At the end, there was an opening end that Jeong Hyang left Hanyang and after discover the truth of family's death Yoon Bok left there too. Do not know if they met each other again but they admitted that the other was the special person that they would never forget.
"Please play me another song ... Dan Nyang (5 coins) are all I have, tomorrow I will lost my right hand and 5 coins was the price of the painting that I had drawn by this hand"
by nhimluoi June 28, 2014
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