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' Dan Humphrey ' a character from the series Gossip Girl.
Humdrum Humphrey is one of his deserved nicknames.

Well, in the beginning he was such the 'good' guy in some opinions of fans who have no idea. NO, he is not good or nice or almost good looking. His hair looks like a cadaver and grows regardless of consequences. It's simply an impertinence for us viewers!

He's is a jealous manipulative, sneaky etc.

His books are crap.
He is crap.
His father is crap.
His clothes are crap.
And have I even said he is crap?
Dan Humphrey :Can you help me I'm a little slut.
Me :Screw you Humdrum Humphrey.
by Fireworks_32 November 07, 2012
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Daniel Randolph "Dan" Humphrey is a fictional character in the best selling Gossip Girl book series, is portrayed by Penn Badgley.

Amongst others main characters, He is the only one who has lots of nicknames such as Cabbage Patch, Humphrey,Labrador, Donut, Brooklyn's Benedict Arnold (by Blair Waldorf), Lonely Boy and D (by Gossip Girl).
He is the writer of Inside and Monarch of Manhattan in (TV series version)
Dan Humphrey is considered to be an intellectual when it comes to writing and literature.
Dan "Lonely Boy" Humphrey is the son of rocker Rufus Humphrey, and is the older sibling of Jenny Humphrey.
Dan Humphrey and Blair Waldorf manage to fool Georgina into thinking that Dan would like to meet up with her.
by dairlena March 21, 2012
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