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First derived from the popular adolescent game of soggy bicuit, and has led to the creation of games such as moist gerbil and wet politician, damp cat is defined as:

The art of a group of young, often bored male friends sitting in a circle around a cat (*chained or nailed to floor if necessary*). Each player then proceeds, in a predetermined order, starting with the youngest to masturbate until near ejaculation. Then the first player proceeds to ejaculate on the cat, (the waiting players holding the semen in until their turn). Then each player proceeds (in the agreed order) to ejaculate onto the cat. The winner/loser can be determined in one of three ways:

1) The person who ejaculates the least amount of semen after one round loses, and as a forfeit has to eat the cat, semen and all.
2) The person who first fails to ejaculate loses, thus ends up eating the cat - an endurance race, as as many rounds as necessary are played until one person fails to ejaculate an acceptable amount onto the cat.
3) UNCOMMON as it involves slightly different rules to above, but still used nevertheless:
each player starts masturbating at an agreed time and the last person to ejaculate an acceptable amount over the cat loses and, as in the other twists on this popular game is to be fed the cat.

*Chaining cats to the floor is dangerous and cruel, however funny, DO NOT actually do this, there are other ways to keep it still, such as masking and gagging*
Johnny: "blud, you up fo' a game of soggy biscuit?"
Frankie: "nah cuz, me an' the lads going round nigels' to play damp cat, wanna join?"
Johnny: "Yeah, though I warn ya, I'm more of a moist gerbil player myself!"
by D-Yizzle June 28, 2009
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