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A combination of the two curses. Used when either of them alone do not totally encompass the feelings of a person. Other variants are fuckass and shitass.
I think I just broke my foot!"
by Sushimatic October 12, 2008
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a word used on island to tell someone dem real stupid and you have to shout it out loud in deh ears, spelled damnass
boi yuh is de biggest damn ass in yuh family.
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Adj. Used to describe something which is considered “cool” or “dope”. Can also be used to emphasize another word.
1) Yo, those shoes she’s wearing? Hella damnass.
2) Dude 1: Let’s chill after school, aight?
Dude 2: Aight.
Dude 1: Damnass.
3) This is some damnass bitchery right here.
4) You damnass foolie!
by Doctor Auxiliary May 14, 2018
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