He is an amazing person has the most beautiful blue eyes u have ever seen he trusts everyone and is the most sweetest person u have ever met he likes to meet new Carlos's and they must be in Chicago he is the most gorgeous person u have ever seen and is almost 15 and if u meet him u will fall to the ground for being dropdead gorgeous and sweet Damien is the best person u will ever me and will be the most best boyfriend u have ever had
Omg Damien is the sweetest person ever
by Jazzy loves Damien February 19, 2017
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Kind with a deadly stare and rejected by most people. Enjoy fire and friends are mostly girls some I like. Small and takes shot but protects friends. Has few morals including don't hit girls. Would fight the world to protect his friends. Silent annoying asshole. Spends most of his time alone. Has many hidden agendas. Does not smile truthfully. Lives life through a facade. Hides as many things about himself as possible. Sanity is not known. Many call him gay.
He is so a Damien
by Phantom doomfire September 02, 2017
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Damien is a savage if you get in his face he will get right back in your face he is a Kobe,drake,g eazy fan if you talk crap to him he will flip your desk and walk away yeah he might be fat and ugly but at least he keeps it 100 at all times
See Damien he's looking so fly with his Jordan's on, but don't mess with him or else
by Butt head 12346373637337 May 26, 2016
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buy the domain for your cat vlog
1. Damien Thorn From The Omen

2. An Unusual Name, Growing In Popularity Due To The Omen Trilogy.

3. The Devils Son.
Man, You Look Like Such A Damien.
by Damien McKeever June 10, 2006
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An awesome guy from SA who is an awesome leader. He is caring and nice. And he is quite sane... unless and AC person irritates him
That's the Damien people are after
by Damien Sim 2017 February 06, 2017
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Damien, that one weird guy standing in the corner. Damiens are usually awkward and are not very social. They are the creepy guy that won't leave the party, and keeps trying to steal your goldfish.
Person 1 : ''Damien why are you here, you weren't even invited!? And where is my goldfish?''
Damien - *gurgles*
by Carry Fisher June 24, 2014
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EXTREMELY hot , out of everyones league , parents are legit always drunk, prob doesn't know you exist, the best at just about anything (sports school u name it ). Has a bit of an annoying voice but it's makes up bc he's chill
Oh hot damn Damien just popped up at the top of the ladder again. Damien effing tech me how to be you
by Stanley Dean December 25, 2017
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