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Chairman and Dear Leader of the Communist Party of LSRP Administrators.

Fanatical right-wing, authoritative douchebag who typifies the middle american stereotype. Suffocates anyone who disagrees with him on an issue by first bombarding them with puerile pro-american diatribe, followed by dismissing them as a "hippie" and subsequently board warning them. An absolutely intolerable human being, the only tragedy is that he was born.
LSRP player: "I dunno, I think the US occupation of Iraq is mainly to do with oil personally.."
DamianC: "How dare you slander our brave troops! They're there to help the Iraqi people and build up the country's infrastructure! Rabble rabble rabble insert nauseating right wing rhetoric here Enough of your liberal hippie bullcrap! You're warned!" *topic locked*
by LSRP-peasant August 10, 2011
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