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A new religion, founded in 2013 by Dalton M, Daltism is a religion based around the teachings and fundamental beliefs of Dalton M. Followers of Daltism, or Daltists, are usually quiet until aroused, somber until angered, and kind until distraught. The Book of Dalton is available for pre order on, and all those interested in Daltism should contact the International Center for the Information on Daltism and Daltist Services based in Madison, Wi on the east side business district.
What it is, what it ain't.

I'm a god.

Last minute party bro.

You know you want a shot of everclear bro.

What a four.

Bitches be squirtin' at my name.

What it do what it don't.

Im gonna make you a fag.

*all quotes from Dalton M, the founder of Daltism.
by Swave November 29, 2013
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