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Male organ of a Black Untouchable, being a neologism for the historically more accurate 'Shudra Penis'. Hence a unit of length, one foot long.

In South Asia, the legendary Untouchable Penis is largest of all, dwarfing the medium Indian Muslim Penis, which in turn exceeds the small Hindu Penis & the even tinier Christian Penis:

Ethnic Group __________ Erect Size ____ Ref.
Shudra Penis ........ '9 to 10 in' .. Edwardes 1959, p 60
Indian Muslim Penis . '5 or 6 in' ... Edwardes 1963, p 261
Hindu Penis ......... '4 to 4.5 in' . Purvis 1992, p 18
Christian Penis ..... '3.7 in' ...... Siminoski 1993, p 231-5.

- 'The Jewel in the Lotus' Allen Edwardes. NY: Julian Press, 1959.
- 'The Cradle of Erotica' A Edwardes. NY: Julian Press, 1963.
- 'Male Sexual Machine' Kenneth Purvis. NY: St. Martin's Press, 1992.
- 'The Relationships amg. Height, Penile Length & Foot Size' K Siminoski & J Bain, Ann Sex Res 6 (1993) p 231-235.

This follows the global pattern of the Negroid-Australoid Penis (incl the Dravidian Penis, Sudanese & northern Nigerian Penis) being largest; followed by the Proto Australoid Penis, Congoid & Paleolithic Hamitic Penis being medium; then by the Caucasoid Nordic-Iranian Penis & Semitic or Araboid Penis which are small to medium; & finally by the Caucasoid Alpine Penis (incl European Penis & Indo-Aryan Penis), Caucasoid Iberian Penis, Mongoloid & Negrito Penis which are extremely small.
1) Reporter: Ever since Sushma Choudhury's tight pink Punjabi Vagina has been stretched out by Suresh Ram's foot-long black Dalit Penis, she has refused to go to bed with any Punjabi Munda or any other non-Dalit man!

2) "The beautiful Rajputni Deeti Singh moaned as Maddow Colver inserted his 12-inch Dalit Penis into her tight Rajput Vagina. She swore she would never return to small Rajput Penis again." - Erotic Version of 'Sea of Poppies'

3) When the Dalit Panther pulled down his pants, the Hindustani Bibi cried, 'Sala, I had heard that Dalit Penis was bigger, but this is fantastic!'

4) Madhuri: Anil, drive slowly! You are just one Dalit Penis behind that bus!

5) "Nawazish Shah suddenly awoke as he fell to the floor. Realising he had been pushed off his bed, he looked up & agonised - the brazen Shah-Bano of Bengal had again brought home her Yaar (lover), Qoollee Khan the Untouchable General. The Shah of Bengal's throat went dry as his dominant Bibi smiled at him lewdly & then pulled out Qoollee's Dalit Penis from his loin-cloth. The sight of what was said to be the largest male organ in all of Bengal never failed to emasculate him. As she tauntingly waved it in his direction, Nawazish was overcome by Shudra Penis Envy as his Aryan Penis contracted & his testes shrivelled up. By the time they started to copulate, all of the Shah's manliness had slipped away." - Mughal Erotica, Nang-ood-Deen Khan, 15 Aug 2011.
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza November 13, 2011
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Dark colored penis of the Dalit males. Resembles a lot with the African Penis in texture except for it's size - which is probably the smallest in the Indian Subcontinent. The average size of a Dalit Penis stands at 3 inches, which is less than half the African size.

Another Distinctive feature of a Dalit Penis is it's odor. It's often said that the women who partner with a male with Dalit Penis often suffer from disorders like Hyposmia, Anosmia, etc, or are simply brave!!
"That Paki bitch making out with that man with a Dalit Penis must be suffering from an Odor Disorder, which is why she never has to use a gas mask."
by Tramp120 August 31, 2015
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