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Large Panther Condoms (L & XL). So called in order to distinguish them from the small 'Pakistani Panther Condoms' or 'Punjabi Panther Condoms' (S & XS).

Literally, this term can be deconstructed to mean either "Condoms for Dalit Panthers" or "Panther Condoms for Dalits". In either case, the connotation is smooth black prophylactics specifically designed to accomodate both the length & width of the massive Black Dalit Penis, & hence the Negro Penis in general.

Dalit Panther Condoms are very popular among Black Caribbean, Afro-Dalit, Negro-Dravidian, & West African men for the following reasons:

1. The Panther cat is an official emblem of the Pan-Negroist Black Panther & Dalit Panther Movements, & is hence commonly viewed as a symbol of the Black male & of Black male sexual prowess.
2. The large size reduces breakage rates, while the tight fit does not reduce pleasure.
3. The different shades of black, indigo & brown rubber merge into the skin tone of Negroid-Australoid males, thus provoking the illusion of the absence of a condom in their own eyes & those of their partners.
4. The packaging often illustrates explicit or implicit Intercaste Sex between Negroid-Australoid males & Caucasoid-Mongoloid females, thus enhancing self-perceptions of phallic superiority, instilling feelings of racial triumphalism & raising levels of self-confidence.
1) The term is also based on the fact that the global market for Dalit Panther Condoms is centred on Southern India:

Country ___ Sales _____ Ref
Sri Lanka . 1.87 mill . SLFPA 84 (a)
S India ... 1.49 mill . SICA (b)
Jamaica ... 1.28 mill . CSM Prog 84 (a)
Ghana ..... 1.27 mill . Westinghouse 79 (c)
Caribbean . 0.02 mill . SOMARC 84 (a)

a 'AID's Experience with Contraceptive Social Marketing' AID Eval Specl Study No 40, Doc Order No PN-AAL-073. Dr Annette L Binnendijk. Apr 1986. Table B-3, p 88-9.
b 'South Indian Condom Analysis' K N Natarajan. Sociology Dept, Annamalai University (Dec 1983) p 15. priv. pub.
c 'Social Marketing: Does it Work ?' Popn Reports Ser I Nu 21, v 8.1 (Jan 1980) J-425.

A Punjabi Woman walks into a Medical Store.
Punjaban: Do you sell those 15-inch Dalit Panther Condoms?
Chemist: Yes - how many you want?
Punjaban: None! They're too big for hubby - he uses 4-inch PUNJABI Panther Condoms!
Chemist: Then why are you asking for DALIT Panther Condoms?
Punjaban: I just want to wait here till I find a man who does buy them!

Q: What are the 2 kinds of Panther Condoms available?
A: 1. Punjabi Panther Condoms: S & XS.
2. Dalit Panther Condoms: L & XL !!!
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza September 24, 2012
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