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is a Filipino (people from the Philippines) word which means PURE, chaste, virgin, innocent and can be used to name their daughters.
Dalisay is such a nationalistic name. means pure!
by raggedy ann February 04, 2010
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A person named Dalisay have very exquisite humour, are unique, and are very interesting. Look at life in different ways and always try to find the good in everybody and everything.
She's so unique! Must be a pure Dalisay!
by daddycoolio December 08, 2012
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Dalisay means pure in tagalog and usually is a girl. People with this name are chill ,friendly,funny, and down to earth. They might be shy sometimes but actually they're really hyper and crazy. They're really open-minded on everything and everybody; this is why they'd make friends of totally different cliques and groups. Always trying to look at other possible point of views even though that point of view might seem stupid. They love making people smile and laugh. They love getting to know people. They don't like seeing people sad/down even though if it's their enemy. Dalisays' are often usually more mature mentally than their peers. They always try to stay positive no matter what and not letting negativity get to them. You can always trust a Dalisay; because they know exactly how it feels like to betrayed. They're one of the best people you'd ever meet.
Dalisays' sure are pure alright!
by mermaids ;) December 08, 2012
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