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A simple girl, not meaning to be a jerk.. but it sometimes comes accross, She is faithful to the ones she loves.. does stupid things because of fear and is normaly quiet and awkward.. but she is the most caring and loving person you will ever meet. She love all around her and can't hate anyone.. Keep her, she's a catch...
Did you meet Dalaiah?
No, but I hear shes cool.
by Dawnerfly February 28, 2015
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An amazing person that you will only meet once in a life time. She is there when you need her the most, and will always love you no matter what.

She claims to be awkward. She dyes her hair. She listens to Rock and Roll music but enjoys to listen to more relaxing music also. She's an all round beautiful person, inside and out. Never let her go, she's perfect.
Have you met Dalaiah?
I can't see one fault with her
by ISupa March 02, 2015
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