The most amazing girl you will ever meet in your life, Hehe (: I Love her so much! She is my bestest Friendd in the whole wide world. Shes smart, and funny, And yea.. she's weird..But she wouldnt be herself If she wasnt. I Love you Kotaa!
Dakota. I want to ride that! Ohh No! Not the gay tricycle. Hehe
by Racheelll(: June 16, 2010
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Dakota is a beautiful girl that will deny it, but she just thinks everyone else is prettier than her, but she is truly beautiful and all her friends know it. She is sort of athletic. Probably short, she is very likeable and will put a smile on your face. Also dakota is very smart, you can always count on dakota to keep your secret. Some one that you will like to talk to either on the phone or face to face. She is weird but in a good way she will become your best friend.
Person 1: Who is the that funny girl?

Person 2: oh thats Dakota.
by Koda. October 27, 2018
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Playing video games all day like honestly get a life. Type of kid to flex a win that took him 5 hours to get.
by Joe joe who joe mama October 25, 2019
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Dakota is so nice. She will sacrifice her smile for you. She will try her best to stay as positive as she can. She tries to swipe negativity off her shoulders she it doesn't cause her trouble. Dakota feels as if nobody understands. Dakota still stays positive. I am a Dakota☺
Dakota stays positive all the time, how does she do it?
by Løwkeyy.køtabear April 21, 2018
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Dakota is a very sweet boy who can be shy. He is very very kind to everyone he knows, and gives great advice. He will admit to liking someone if they show the same signs. Dakota loves music. He also has a somewhat dirty side, but that only comes out if he really likes you. He is a gentlemen and believes in chilvary.
Person 1: "Aw he is such a sweetie!"
Person 2: "He must be a Dakota."
by ang3lwithash0tgun May 18, 2014
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The girl that is always there for you no matter what. Is good at making friends. Sometimes has a attitude but when you get to know her she will be the greatest friend you ever knew. Pretty. Has beautiful eyes. Loves everyone. Will never let you down. Will protect you like you were her family.
That girl is so a Dakota
She is the greatest friend ever.
I wish I could be like Dakota.
Don't ever let Dakota go.
by Koda Kent. October 10, 2015 October 10, 2015
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Dakota is an amazing girl that if any guy has her then he is lucky.Dakota is super funny and tells great stories.Dakota will give you a light up in your attitude.Dakota also is really pretty,good at sports,someone you can trust,and just nice to talk to in general.
Man I wish Dakota was my girlfriend.
Yeah I know right.
by Soccer4lifeboi May 8, 2019
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