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Is one of the most hottest and sweetest men around. They are very smart. They tend to be quite, but once you get to know them, they are really caring and funny. They are among the best lovers, and take there relationships very serious. Dakhari's tend to care extremely about loved ones, family, and friends. They show much love, and respect everyone. They are very responsible, and loving. Dakhari is the type to pick you up when your down, he'll make your day much better. Dakhari is a ladies man. When you meet one of them, they will be sure to love, care, and respect you to be he utmost. They take there relationships very serious, and stays loyal. Dakhari is very handsome man, with self respect and self worth. They are the best type of people you can meet.
I wish my boyfriend was a Dakhari.
by Xoxo_Layla August 27, 2016
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