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Very caring, usually ends up marrying girls that are born towards the end of September/October. Very loyal, smart, HOT and would fight for everything he loves
He’s as good as Daiyaan
by RealisticOne1 March 24, 2018
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A South African male name that is commonly used among Muslim society

The name usually belongs to an enthusiastic being with the face of an angel but even the devil on his shoulder is doubting his life choices. He also has the procrastination level of a million.

Despite Daiyaan's flaws he is trustworthy and honest.

Daiyaan's also usually seem to be down to earth and chilled .
He's such a Daiyaan, but that's a good thing... Sometimes.
by White_Fang_12 September 21, 2017
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It is a south-aftrican name for a male, not to be confused with the name dianne, which is for a woman.
Daiyaan is upset that when he types his name into's search box, the only result he gets is "shit head".
by Wakeupcretan April 02, 2010
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