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DailyMailitus - A common disease which is endemic amongst the middle-classes of England, mainly infecting housewives and is normally caused by reading and believing what's published in the Daily Mail newspaper (the disease can also be contracted by coming into close contact with an infected person(s)).
Symptoms of the illness usually include some or all of the following; Heightened levels of ignorance, a total lack of tolerance towards foreigners, an inclination to blame everything on immigrants, negative views how the country is being run and a tendency to sensationalise fairly unimportant issues.

In order to cure DailMailitus the suffer must stop reading the Daily Mail immediately and go on a strict diet of 'the truth' and 'hard facts'
Lady 1 - "Did you hear Sheila at the PTA meeting on Thursday? She was complaining about hoodie-wearing immigrants stealing all the local jobs and causing global warming."

Lady 2 - "Oh not again. The kids went back to school two week's ago so she's had a lot of spare time to catch DailyMailitus"
by Alkebab March 20, 2007
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