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Also known as the Daily Mail. This UK tabloid is well known for looking on everything in the most negative way possible, usually working towards articles that will convince their reader that their non-white postman wants to rape you, the milk that he delivers will give you cancer, the book you're reading at the breakfast table is designed to brainwash you and your video games and films are basically Satanic.

Oh and if you can stop worrying about that. You're guaranteed to get blown up by your neighbours while asteroids fall out the skies onto your dogs head.
Person 1: "Wow, I'm never going to a chinese ever again. The Daily Mail said that they put poison in every meal"

Person 2: "I see the Daily Fear strikes again."


Adult: "I'm taking your videogames away from you. They'll turn you into a rapist"

Child: "Cheers Daily Fear!"


Person 1: "If we don't vote to get rid of all the foreigners soon we're going to become a muslim country where white people will be put to death in the town centres"

Person 2: "You've been reading the Daily Fear haven't you?"
by Dontbelievewhatyouread March 08, 2009
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