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An ancient Persian god of death and demon of deceit and mendacity. He loves destroying life. Dahaka is usually depicted with three heads, while scorpions and lizards crawl all over his body. Dahaka is an alternate name for Azhi Dahaka. Also know as Zohak (Zohak appears as the human form of Azhi Dahaka).

This is also a powerful humanoid character from Prince of Persia - Warrior Within. The prince changed the timeline with the Sands of Time in order to save his own life. The Dahaka is called to kill the prince in order to resore that timeline he changed.

The Dahaka has long ram-like horns that twist into the symbol of infinity and its eyes burn with a fierce inner light, though the area around it is always covered in shadows.

This creature has one weakness, water. Contact with water will harm this creature.
Have you defeated the Dahaka yet?
by Urban Dictionary March 30, 2006
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