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C'mon, be honest with yourself. The word "daguerreotype" doesn't make you think of photographs. It makes you think of something ethnic. Something saucy. Something like an evil Mexican sorcerer.

You don't want to miss with Old Daguerreotype... One time, I dared to look at his feet, and he stole my house as punishment.

Legend has it that Daguerreotype only walks among the living when he is bored with feasting on the dead.

There is a story of a young boy, Ramon, exclaiming in the streets of Mexico City, "Daguerreotype is a myth! He's not real!" Noted city wise woman Ana Garcia Velasquez Garcia Ramon responded shrilly, "DON'T SAY THE NAME!!!" It is said that Ramon disappeared that night, and inside his house only the curious smell of stale taco shells remained...

The village elders claim that Dastardly Daguerreotype lived among the dinosaurs, and when one of them sassed him by stealing one of his Daguerreoplants, he wiped out the entire species as just recompense.

It was Daguerreotype's sins that made God summon forth the Great Flood.

Daguerreotype was the snake who told Eve to eat the apple.

Daguerreotype was the Spanish Inquisition.

Daguerreotype is living in your attic.
by APARTMENT 4 January 22, 2015
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A photographic process made by Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre in 1839. It was good for portraiture but not landscapes and you had to stay very still when sitting for pictures because of the long exposure.

In brief, his method consisted of treating silver-plated copper sheets with iodine to make them sensitive to light, then exposing them in a camera and "developing" the images with warm mercury vapor.

There are still some practicing daguerreotypists today but for the most part, the process is outdated and dangerous because of the hazardous mercury vapors. Some people prefer the alternative and less toxic Becquerel process.
"The reason why no one is similing in a Daguerreotype is because the exposure took a really long time."
by Sayuri November 25, 2004
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