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Daggle-waggle-snaggle-waggle(DWSW) is a form of currency brought about by a need to have a common form of currency that holds it value relative to every other currency out there.

Since the Dollar itself has been used as a relative value, it has fallen in value. Did you know that there are now a few (maybe two) currencies that are better valued than the Dollar, now? Well, How do you say $1=3.25 of whatever the currency is without getting depressed about it? You use the DWSW as a basis instead. It's much easier to say 1DWSW=$0.50 without getting depressed,yes?
George exchanged 1 DWSW(Daggle-waggle-snaggle-waggle) for $0.50 in America, where the exchange rate is better than in other countries...
by Reaverblade June 11, 2009
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