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A Genius who utilizes the monome as his instrument. He has essentially created his own genre of music that cannot be named because it is too awesome.

He's mixed pianos with electric guitars and tribal drums in his (My Opinion) best album: Deny's The Day's Demise (2006)

He samples MOVIES, FAX MACHINES, CLAPPING, he'll sample anything that moves your eardrum more than 20 times a second. He's used classic Italia Disco songs, Classic piano, futuristic fart noises.

And his live performances are made (for the most part) on the spot...
Mainstream Faggotron: Hey have you heard "Raise Your Weapon" by Deadmau5? It's the best song ever.

Underground OG: No, I've been listening to Daedelus... his 5 year old albums are still years ahead of his own time.... Miles farther than that Canadian trash known as Deadmau5

And if you won't bother searching Daedelus or you can't spell his name then go take some ecstacy and brag to your shuffling friends about how many braincells you just killed.

Mainstream Faggotron: Fuck you fool I love haters DGK ALL DAY homie intoxicated click bloods crips Southside all day, ruthless promos Detox DJ BL3ND
by Copernicustic Vultures May 18, 2011
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