daddy is someone who spanks you when your naughty or nice
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by Harry person October 21, 2019
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1. The name of a father who didn't go out to 'get some milk'
2. The name a hoe calls you while your giving her the d
3. The nickname you give your bro if he has a big dick
Hoe: Ooh Daddy
You: Did you take your birth control?
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by ItzdabitchJaylen October 14, 2019
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Contrary to some people's beliefs daddy is a term for your boyfriend or husband and it's not always sexual. Your daddy is someone you love and cherish and want to do anything and everything for. He's the most handsome man in your eyes and no one could even compare to him. Your daddy makes you feel safe and loved and treats you kindly with respect. He is handsome, caring, gorgeous, sexy, selfless, bossy, funny, and the man of your dreams. He knows just what to do to help when you are done and you can trust him with anything. He is your best friend and your top priority above everything else. Your daddy is the love of your life and deserves to be treated as such.
Babygirl: Daddy I love you so much๐Ÿ’™
Daddy: I love you more baby
by December 15, 2020
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