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A girl legit who will make your day anyday. She's legit the only one who will put a smile on your face and make sure when you're crying you're laughing too she can make you laugh so much you'll legit get stitchesl She has the best sassy comebacks and you will have the best inside jokes.She will go to an extent just to make something happens and she believes in everything and she will make your dreams come true. She may seem nice but fuck with her and she'll snap your neck in a second and yeah her mouth can run along quite well. If your feeling down she will always be there to support you and her shoulders are great for crying on. She forgives and forgets and thats what makes her special, Trust me you're lucky to have her in your life if you even do.
Wow you're friends with (daaniyah) you're WELL LUCKY!!
That (daaniyah) girl is always laughing ngl
(Daaniyah) has got to be there, she will make the part litttt
by yrbroxxxxxxxxxx June 06, 2018
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