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Creative people often get more ideas and visions faster than they can implement them, making them unable to complete a project before rushing off to the next
The DaVinci Syndrome is named for Leonardo DaVinci who is a prime example of this habit with starting more projects than he ever finished
by MNV November 16, 2009
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This term's origin is dating back to when people started to read the Da Vinci Code but it has extended even more to cover anything remotely deep and/or philosophical that someone says they apparently get and they are better than you for that exact reason.
Person A: So I just finished the Da Vinci Code.
Person B: Really? I've heard interesting things about it.
Person A: More than likely things you wouldn't ever be able to remotely fathom, mortal.
Person C: Wow, talk about Da Vinci Syndrome.
by premeditated93 November 16, 2010
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