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Driving While Puerto Rican:
1) In FL (Tampa, St Pete, Miami, Datona, etc), cops may harass you as if you are DWB.
2) If you are bi-racial (black and white) and people often think you are Puerto Rican, you can be harassed the same as Puerto Ricans. This can be called DWPR although it is really DWB. However, you won't nearly be harassed as much if you DWPR (as biracial) as opposed to DWB.
person 1: I just got pulled over again and I didn't do anything.
person 2: It's cuz you were DWPR.
person 1: haha, no. I'm not even Puerto Rican
person 2: Well, you look it.
by ldmtwo October 28, 2011
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