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a certain format of a Digital Versatile Disc, with a dual-layer technology, that allows you to store almost twice as much data on it, than a regular, DVD-5 format.
I know that i've explained a lot about dvd-9! why cant this example be short?
by Justin-WN September 25, 2008
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A brand of DVDs famous for providing high quality DVDs yet at the same time are pirated copies. Can be found for $10-15 each per DVD (compared to say, $30 for a normal DVD) or much less ($4-5) if you shop in a place inhabitated mostly by Asians.

Can be distinguished from other cheap copies by the elegance of its packaging and the phrase "DVD-9" printed on the bottom right hand corner of the cover (if DVD-9 is on a sticker, it ain't real but check in the store's DVD player if you can to make sure).
yo man, just copped some DVD-9s, they're DA BOMB!
by jayb August 03, 2005
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