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An abbreviation for Damn U Bill Gates. Can be used as a statement of frustration whenever anything goes wrong with any computer anywhere. Since he is the supreme overlord of computers, any problems are clearly his fault.
I just got 23 errors in a row when I tried to copy and paste, then all my programs shut down and I got a system self-destruct message.
by MC? September 09, 2005
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The definition of a WHITE girl. Not just a WHITE girl. But a BOMB ASS WHITE girl. You know a Dub G when you see a Dub G.
-DAMMNNN that white girl was sexyy as helll..

- I kno mann.. shes definately a DUB G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by DUB G LOVER February 08, 2010
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A ghetto name for West Grove, a small town in Pennsylvania. The Rival of the gay Dub-C. This town contains 3 dons in the Italian Mafia whos initials are BA, TD, RH.
If you are going to West Grove, then you are going to the Dub-G.
by Brian Calhoun January 16, 2007
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Walnut Grove is a small community (approx pop. 23,295) located in northern Langley, British Columbia. It is a suburban town within a town. The town has one of the highest rated community centres which has a full size indoor pool, steam rooms, gymnasium, fitness facility, café, and library.


* West Langley Elementary School
* Alex Hope Elementary School (includes a French Immersion program)
* Willoughby Elementary School
* Gordon Greenwood Elementary School
* Dorothy Peacock Elementary School
* James Kennedy Elementary School (includes a French Immersion program)
* Topham Elementary School
* École Des Voyageurs (Francophone--belongs to Conseil Scolaire Francophone School District #93)
* Walnut Grove Secondary School


Walnut Grove is home to one of only seven Famous Player's Colossus movie theaters. It is also home to several smaller businesses such as an IGA, a Save-On Foods,a McDonalds, a COBS Bread and an A&W, and restaurants such as The Keg and The Old Spaghetti Factory.

There are a few strip malls in Walnut Grove. The most popular one is at the Walnut Grove Town Center, also called "The Mac's Strip Mall" (named for the popular convenience store). Over there, many small businesses and shops serve Walnut Grove.
He lives In Grove
Dub G.
by _______________________ June 25, 2007
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n. White girl

v. When an african american woman is acting like a white girl.
Did you see Kira tonight? She is acting just like a dub G.
by bsm September 26, 2004
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The Double Gulp (dub G) is a 64oz (1.9L) self-serve fountain drink that costs roughly $1.03 US. It is sold along with the smaller sized drinks the Gulp, Big Gulp, and Super Big Gulp at 7-Eleven convenience stores. This happens to be the largest mass produced fountain drink. Customers who bring back their Double Gulp to 7-Eleven pay only 72 cents to refill their cup.
"Hey you wanna go get a dub G?"
by KungChow May 13, 2007
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