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A group of awesome humans who love drinking Jager, playing volleyball while drinking Jager, tubing while drinking Jager, golfing while drinking Jager, and getting dirty while drinking Jager. DTVG doesn't just represent a group of individuals, it represents a tight knit family where the love is real, while drinking Jager.
1. Used as a Verb - (Billy) "Those two are crazy as fuck!" (Tommy) "Yea, they are so DTVG"
2. You might be DTVG AF if... get kicked out of Applebees kiss under the dickletoe spike a ball off of Tina's face
...your group theme song is "I am not a whore" by LMFAO. more than 2 hours to be with the crew at Bush Park in February dope ass games on a frozen lake
...wear an empty ice cream container on your head and call it a hat
...cheat at a game at every possible chance in hopes of not being caught. ie: ice cream eating contest
by DTVG July 05, 2018
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