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DTFTW translates to "Down to fuck the world." Girls that are DTFTW are willing to have sex with any guy, regardless of how he looks, dresses or behaves. These girls basically go out with the full intention of being penetrated by any guy who has a penis, as well as some limited concept of the English language. DTFTW girls are not generally aware that they are complete whores, despite the fact that they make a premeditated decision to fuck anything that walks that night. You can usually find these girls straggling aimlessly at the bar around last call by themselves because their DTFTW friends have ditched them to go fuck some random guys. Please seek caution when taking these girls home as they have been known to be excruciatingly loud and annoying, in addition to occasionally throwing in your bed. Be advised that DTFTW girls' favourite sex position is the dead starfish - so don't try to win these girls over with any elaborate sex positions.

There is NO similar expression used to describe the male gender, as men who are not "DTFTW" are basically either gay or worried about fucking yet another swamp donkey. A normal guy is generally assumed to be DTFTW when he goes out to the bar, despite of what the girl will look like the next morning.
Guy #1: Yo bro, did you end up fucking that straggler you took home last night?

Guy #2: Of course! Didn't you see that broad eye-fucking the shit out of every guy in the bar; she was DTFTW fo sho.

Guy #1: Yeah I kind of figured that...she had cock-addict written all over her face. How was it?

Guy #2: Terrible...the girl just laid there as I railed the shit out of her. After we were done, the bitch just threw up all over my sheets and would not stop yapping.

Guy #1: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
by Graham Zilla February 21, 2010
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