Large lips, male or female, that would be desirable for giving oral sex. Dick Sucking Lips.
Man, that ho's got some huge DSL's!
by Jehusevat July 31, 2005
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DSL's are full, luscious lips that engulf your weiner with little to no trouble at all.
When I first saw those DSL's, the first thing that came to my mind was "Can I stick my dick in your mouth?"
by Havor October 10, 2005
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(works for both definitions) Damn, that girl has DSL. I'd love to use that to connect to my equipment.
by Chaos Factor February 05, 2009
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A colloquial phrase used to refer to someone's lips. Usually because they are nicely shapped or plump. Literally: Dick sucking lips.
Many porn stars have nice D S Ls.
by Matt Cutler January 23, 2006
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