DSBM is an acronym for "depressive suicidal black metal." The use of said acronym sprung from the term NSBM, however the two scenes are by no means linked.

DSBM is primarily distinguished from traditional forms of black metal by its lyrical content, focusing on suicide, depression, anxiety, and hate rather than traditional anti-Christian themes.

Big names in the black metal community, such as Xasthur and Leviathan, have experimented heavily with DSBM's lyrical themes, while many young artists are quickly gaining popularity for their suicidal and depressive lyrics, notably Thy Light and Silencer.
Abyssic Hate's album Suicidal Emotions is considered a quintessential example of DSBM.
by Jack Britton February 9, 2008
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A sub-genre of Black Metal which focuses on themes of suicide, anti-humanity, self-mutilation, negative energy, and emotional imbalance or unrest.

Some "well known" bands in this genre include: Xasthur, Burzum, Silencer, Make A Change... Kill Yourself, and Nocturnal Depression.
He killed himself while listening to Suicidal/Depressive Black Metal (SDBM/DSBM).
by GnostickNihilist23 August 17, 2008
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