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1. to drop knowledge, share knowledge, to put someone hip to something, to teach someone a lesson, to coach someone, to school someone, prove someone wrong, to show someone the correct way or correct point of view.

2. to spend a lot of money, to splurge on material items, to blow cash like its nothing, to spend money as if you will never run out, spending extremely large sums of money with no regard, to make it rain
"The hot wings at Roscoes are fire!! i didnt even know about them, until Jay drop some cents on me about em. I wish he would have told me sooner"

"I had to tell Carlos how to get a ladies attention, he is a rookie, i had to drop cents on em. "

" That music video was wack, they dont know what they doin, i need to drop cents on them fools. Then maybe they can make a hot video for once."

"we hit the Shop Sneaker store and drop cents !! i got 7 pairs of kicks and Marlon got 5 pairs!!"

" I need to get this money right so when i get to Miami i can drop cents u dig! "

" I cant mess with that gold digging chic, she just want a man to drop cents on her"
by August 12, 2009
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