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(acronym): Don't put that on facebook. As used to prevent the tagging of incriminating pictures, posting of injuring wall posts, and inclusion of one's name in an offbeat Note, Invitation, or Group Request.
Ex. 1:
With the advent of parents, and numerous family members joining facebook, Mike had to be careful about his party habits.

Jeff: Holy shit, he's done it again. The keg stand champ is Mikey!!!
Mike: DPTF.

Ex. 2: To protect his name regarding his passion, George had to become facebook elusive.

Matt: There goes George, again.
Toby: Yeah, he always dances and makes out with the hotties.
Matt: I am going to get this on my iPhone right now... that chick he's with is a babe.
Toby: And what about Stacey?? You know that George has been with her for about a year, right?
Toby: DPTF, dude.
by AstuteLegalScholar November 12, 2010
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