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DPNG is the nationally accepted acronym for the phrase "Don't Play No Games" DPNG is most commonly used when dealing with people that are prone to play games when nothing but seriousness is appropriate.

DPNG may also be used in a joking manner or if one simply doesn't have anything else to add to the end of their sentence.

DPNG originated at an extremely popular restaurant somewhere in the St. Louis area, whose exact whereabouts are currently unknown. People working in the restaurant needed a way to communicate with their peers that what they were saying was, in fact, serious. This was due the the numerous amount of people playin games in the restaurant at any given moment. See example two.
Example 1:

Hey Zach, you are going to be at my grandmother's funeral right?

Yea man of course! I'll be there I swear!

Ok you better be... DPNG.

Example 2:

Yo Sha-nae-nae, take that coke to table 54 right now! I ain't finna play these games wit chu all day!!

oooo gurl calm yo ass down I finna take it to the table right now!!! I DPNG for real!!

Sha-nae-nae you always be playin games idk watchu talkin about!
by amack7 May 20, 2011
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