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David Makes The Canucks Lose. Aaron Makes The Canucks Lose. The Canucks being the NHL team the Vancouver Canucks. Their DMTCL and AMTCL'ism powers have been proven to push the Canucks towards losing hockey games. On the exterior, they make look like Canucks fans, but they have some special powers that cause bad things to happen to the Canucks. Their powers increase as they get closer to the action of the hockey games. For example, their powers are increased when they are watching on TV as opposed to listening on the radio. This theory has been proven NUMEROUS times.

When referring to David or Aaron, they are no longer referred to by real names. David is called "DMTCL" or "DM" for short and Aaron is "AMTCL" or "AM" for short.
Ex. DMTCL puts a pic of Naslund on his MSN display pic and spams to me the message "GO NAZZY GO". Lo-and-behold, that night, Naslund gets hit and injured. This resulted in a concussion.
by ExilesOnMainStreet June 04, 2004
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