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Dumb Lying Cheating Whore:
This is a subcategory of the typical LCW. This female is a sloppy drunk and usually gets the DLCW tag because she's not cunning and deceitful enough to get away with typical LCW antics and tactics. This female is much easier to spot than the regular LCW because of her lowered inhibitions and ability to be easily spotted in a large crowd. This female provides shock and awe value to all around her and is usually the butt of most jokes. No one takes her seriously and its entertaining to watch her stumble through the bar looking for a lay for the night. Warning, DLCW's usually carry diseases of the sexual nature so be careful when encountering them out at public gatherings!
You know that girl that you always see out and has "that reputation". She always is "dating" someone yet seems to go home with anyone willing and has no quams about fulfilling her sexual fantasies. This is the girl that you always warn your friends to make sure you don't end up with at the end of a night of heavy drinking. This is a perfect example of a typical DLCW, but be advised DLCW's come in many different forms and subcategories as well.
by Rybread34 October 22, 2010
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