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also know as Dirty Jersey Whores. These girls tend to have socio-pathic tendencies. They will try to manipulate, deceive, and con happy men out of healthy relationships pretending to be just his friend. She may lie about diseases/ serious matter and moving away
guy 1: hey Mary told me she has cancer n has three months to live.

guy 2:..ohh shes a djw

example 2

Guy 1: Oh what ever happened to that girl, Cindy that would call all the time and u were seeing between relationships

Guy 2: i stopped talking to the djw about a year ago.
by djwhater July 23, 2010
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One of the best young djs on the Internet, especially on YouTube where he goes by OfficialDeejayW. Has a mixtape called "Gangsta Is A State Of Mind" and is working on a collab mixtape with DJ Lee John called "Let Tha Beat Rock". DJ W is very talented and has extremely good looks!
Person 1: Have you heard that new mix by DJ W?
Person 2: Yeah man it was dope as always. I became a fan of DJ W on Facebook.
by twistedburton February 20, 2010
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