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David J.Y. aka DJ Y, born on July 7, 1987 in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. As a young child he found deep interest in music, especially in the urban underground movement that was beginning to extent around the country. From this movement came many important influences like Vico C, the founding-father of Spanish rap. Also more artists from the movement like Baby Rasta & Gringo, Wiso G, DJ Blass and many more. As the years went by Reggaeton was born, but it was not doing so well. The government of Puerto Rico asks for the banned of this new musical movement because of its explicit content.

Later in 1998, DJ Y moves to the United States for a new and fresh start. Music was he’s passion, but it was a dream that seem very far away. Time went by and the Reggaeton movement was reaching the states and that got DJ Y's attention. He started working alone, doing mixtapes and remixes and promoting them around the streets and the world, thanks to the internet. In 2003 DJ Y releases "The Underground", a simple collection of beats he had worked on. Not seen good results from that production he decided to get on a new project. "The Mixeo", which was he’s breaking point. By 2004 DJ Y release the first of "The Mixeo" series. The response was much greater than from his past production, "The Underground". It was not enough, so by 2005 the sequel came, "The Mixeo: The Last Round". A production with a total of 30 tracks. Having different remixes, exclusives and more. Thanks to this production DJ Y gain allot of attention in the underground scene. But still it was not enough.

By the final months of the year 2005, DJ Y meet a well know dj from a popular radio station in Orlando. This dj heard a mixtape done by DJ Y. Of course it was a mix of Reggaeton and Hip-Hop, and some interest came. Now thanks to that dj, DJ Y is part of a monthly event that is hosted by 102 Jams.

Now today you can find DJ Y, working on new ideas and events. Just on February 24, 2006 Noche Rankeo 2 was a complete success. An over whelming crowd of people show up to support the Reggaeton moment in the local area of Central Florida. Noche Rankeo was name by some, one of the best Reggaeton event in Florida.

The other day i was walking around and i saw a DJ Y.
by Erika Bousy June 01, 2006
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Pronouced "Jay"

Commonly used in South Africa

Used to call a individual or shout at them

usually placed in front of their nick name

commonly amongst all south Africans these days.
Tim: Djy! ma se kind (hey!!!! mothers child)

Originated from the South African coloured slang yet used
by Mystro55 September 29, 2011
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