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Dis-Honest 9

basically when you book a 9 hour day at work to your time card, however the amount of hours you actually put in is no where close to 9 hours. for example you get in at 7.30am you have a 1 hour long lunch break from 12pm-1pm and you leave at 4pm. Thus working only 7.5 hours and getting paid for 9. Do this at your own risk - best time to do it is when managers/bosses have left and all snitches are not looking.

Careful though. DH-9's can be addictive and once you get away with 2 or 3 of them, you are more likely to take bigger risks and wanting to do them every day. you have to excercise self control only when doing them if 100% certain one will not get caught or ratted out.
G-bomb, Dominator has left the building! Chunks has also pissed off! Ass doc and boobren arent looking!! Quick lets fuckovski and put down another DH-9.
by DH-9 bomber January 16, 2011
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