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Disingenuous Guilty White Liberal: A person who wallows in multiculturalism, white guilt and any other Marxist/Progressive ideology in which they despise their heritage and embrace their own genocide. They will always go out of their way to make themselves as visible as possible by using social networking and any other means to impress their friends and show the world that they are behind the latest "helpless" minority, victim group or feel good social justice cause. These sheeple will blindly follow these causes even though it will destroy the lifestyle that they enjoy if implemented, as they think that they will have a seat at the big table at the end of the day. ( See Useful Idiots.) They ignore the facts about their causes, such as FBI crime stats or the fact that every black run area on the planet, no matter how modern it was when they took it over, is now or rapidly becoming a shithole. They will use Alinsky tactics to marginalize you as a racist, homophobe or bigot. Though most of these creatures have a college indoctrination, they have no real knowledge of history, or how most of the world currently lives. For more see Multiculti.
John: You want to go down to the Diversity Festival and stage a protest?
Charles: Sure. I may be casting pearls before swine, but we may just wake up a few DGWLs.
Chris: Did you hear about that multiculti Stacie Barnes resigning as the head of the Multicultural Council?
Steve: So, that spike in crime in her gated community after old man Morgan bought those houses and rented them to Section 8's caused the DGWL to have an epiphany, eh?
by Libtard Eradicator June 30, 2013
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